Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Perhaps I'm cool afterall?

After I praised her as my token cool friend on FaceBook, Joni took time out of her busy schedule of flute-playing, friend-IMing, and 20-something angst to send me an email
For the record I see very few use cases for Facebook or myspace beyond musicians pedaling their tracks, people who want to date but are socially inept and the occasional person trying to route contact types to something other than email (b/c our inboxes are all over loaded).

Hey, I'm socially inept, and I use it for messaging .... If this is how cool people use Facebook, maybe, just maybe, I am, 9:30 bed-time notwithstanding, cool after all?

Joni offers support for this claim
Geeky and Cool can be synonymous and not necessarily at odds with each other. I argue, Geeky = Uncool is a MAYBE and not a MUST

Referencing RFC 2119 is undeniably nerdy, but I'm cool with that.

Off to find a 'scene'.

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