Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Open Assurance 2.0

We here at Connectid are proud to announce the release of 'Open Assurance 2.0' - a revolutionary new take on identity assurance. We've listened to your feedback and went back to the drawing board, basically starting from scratch to create this new post. Lots of long hours & coffee. Lots.

The new name 'Open Assurance 2.0' reflects the new emphasis we're placing on 'openness'. We here at Connectid are fully committed to being 'open' (Mrs. Connectid admittedly less so). For too long there have been 'assurance silos', each RP making its own decisions about which IdPs it will do business with. Let's tear down those silos and open up the 'assurance graph'.

We're also very focussed on the number 2. For instance, I had 2 children before the third. We hope that the '2.0' in the name of this post demonstrates our commitment to this integer.

We're pretty proud of this new 'Open Assurance 2.0' post. Let us know what you think.

Key inputs worth noting.

Axel commented that, for managed cards, there are meaningful gradations between 'never heard of that IdP' and 'our CEOs golf together every Wednesday AM'.

Eric pointed out in a comment that, as there are more moving parts for a managed card than for self-asserted, the level of technical confidence should be decreased.

Separately, Pam pointed out that, as there will likely exist a contract between a user and an RP, even for a self-asserted card, then it's wrong to say that a self-asserted card can engender no business confidence.

So, managed card technical confidence goes down, self-asserted card business confidence goes up.

The combined result

We're confident that this will satisfy all constituents. Ultimately, we all just want the RPs to be happy right?

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