Wednesday, November 07, 2007

PopSci Predictions Exchange

PopSci Predictions Exchange claims to be
the first place to bet on the future of science and technology. It's easy and free: Log on, and we'll give you POP$250,000 in our virtual PopSci Dollars. Use that money to buy propositions you think are likely to happen. If other traders also want to buy, that proposition's price will go up, and you'll make PopSci bucks. Expand your portfolio with bets on energy, space, consumer technology and extreme science, and compete against other players for prizes and bragging rights
I created an account, thinking I could add my own propositions, ones like
  1. Liberty Alliance announces that there are 1 bazillion SAML-enabled identities by end of 2009.
  2. Bill Gates remotely opens Beijing Olympics by using a 'scissors' Infocard to cut e-ribbon.
  3. Hare Krishna throws their support behind OpenID. Belief is that users presenting a URI linked to the mantra will create a higher state of world consciousness.
  4. Of WS-Federation, IBM & Microsoft announce 'We were just joking. SAML is the clear choice. Funny right'. (I would have shorted this)

No such luck. I am limited to propositions such as
Will there be more large-screen (40 inches or more) LCD televisions sold in the U.S. than large-screen plasma televisions in Q4 2008?

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