Friday, November 30, 2007

OpenID for blog commenting!

As per Blogger in draft, Blogger now supports OpenID authentication for post commenting.

I enabled it for this blog.

This is an exciting new application of OpenID. It's when a technology is applied in ways unforeseen by its original designers that you know it's reached some sort of tipping point.



Anonymous said...

Do you really think that authenticate with OpenID to add a comment on a blog was unforeseen by its original designers ?

Anonymous said...

I'm guessing Paul was trying to be a bit sarcastic. :P

Anonymous said...

Great !

But : "an exciting new application of OpenID" ! Timeos is right : you should remember that there is a time for joking, and a time to be serious :-)

Paul Madsen said...

Dave, I'm hurt that you would only guess I was being sarcasm. I thought we were good enough friends that you would KNOW I was being sarcastic.

You've changed man.