Wednesday, November 21, 2007

More Identity Management for Indoor Rowing

My son was creating an account in order to record his rows for the Concept2 Holiday Challenge.

After successful account creation, he was shown the following

I was curious to know how they might ascertain my presence so I followed the link in the message.

In order for your child to enjoy all of the features of this website, including training logs, online ranking, and challenge honor boards, your child may wish to create an online "ranking and logbook profile."

The registration process begins when you child visits the new profile section of the online ranking. If based on your child's reported birthdate, we determine that the child is under the age of thirteen (13), then we will not store personally identifiable information associated with your child. This means that only the first letter of their last name will be stored, that no email address will be associated with your child's profile and that no city information will be recorded.

If you, as a parent or guardian, wish to have your child's full last name, and home city displayed on publicly accessible ranking web pages, honor boards and other Concept2 associated web pages, you must indicate your consent by entering your credit card number in the space provided and checking the appropriate consent box. Your credit card number is neither stored nor processed in any way - however it will be analyzed to determine that it is a valid credit card number. The use of a credit card number is necessary in order to comply with the terms of COPPA.

I confess I had never heard of COPPA before. It was written in 1998, probably time to update to reflect new reality. COPPA 2.0?

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