Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Get your own cool friend

Perhaps I'm imagining things, but I see a definite trend towards establishing Facebook accounts amongst my identity-focussed colleagues.

I can't think why, Facebook offers me nothing I want, or don't already have elsewhere, and just about everybody else I know says they created an account only grudgingly (or for 'research') but hey, you can't fight trends.

Has there ever been a group less like the originally targeted demographic? My little network is geeky with a capital 'G'. We are the anti-thesis of cool college students. We surely understand more about the identity issues Facebook creates than WTF most account holders are even talking about - or the social reality in which they live.

Let's face it, my network is doing nothing to help my 'cool factor' (which will only drop precipitously whenever Conor creates an account). These people are holding me back from reaching my full social potential (admittedly as does my wearing of cardigans and the need to go to bed at 9.30).

Except for Joni, my token cool person. Joni stays up late, is a musician, and drinks martinis. Joni is cool with a capital 'C'.

Joni is my 'bridge' to coolness. Through her, I'm connected to the great unwashed (but socially current) masses. Through Joni, I learn about 'tracks', how to say 'wassup', and when to wear scarfs.

Like at Remagen, I will defend this bridge against any who would see it as their own easy route to the other side. You know who you are.

She's my cool friend, get your own.

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