Wednesday, November 28, 2007

My cup runneth over

In a post entitled A Cup of Tea / Dynamic Federation Ashish performs what can be the trickiest part of any identity operation - introductions.

SAML. Meet OpenID; OpenID. Meet SAML.
Once all interested parties know about each other and their intentions and capabilities, things get much easier.

But it's not like OpenID and SAML have never met before....

Ashish, I confess the Zen thing totally lost me. Is it OpenID's cup that needs emptying, or SAML's? Or is it that Andre is meant to be Nan-in?


Anonymous said...

And then a commenter can use his/her OpenID to leave you a comment !

Have you seen ?

Anonymous said...

benoitb, I enabled OpenID login for comments. And turned off the captcha

thanks for the tip