Monday, November 05, 2007

HealthVault Revolutionizes Social Sharing

In order to share my health data with family members, I simply send them an email and invite them to join HealthVault. How perfectly simple & straightforward! Why has this not been done before?

I expect my friends & family would really appreciate the opportunity to join my social graph (or is it a 'chart' in the medical context) in yet another context.

Here I start the sharing process.

I choose who I want to share my health info with (in this case myself) by providing an email address.

I am given intuitive and informed control over the specific types of information to be shared. There is just the right level of detail. Why just the other day I was trying to share my 'Hb1ac' levels with my hockey team. I decided against giving myself 'custodian' permissions as I feared I'd be expected to mop the clinic floors.

HealthVault sends an invite to the email address.

I get my invite from HealtVault. I am warned about 'phishing' (I am not warned about Big Pharming).

If I accept the invitation I am encouraged to create my own account at Healthvault.

Perhaps it is appropriate for a health site to rely on viral marketing methods.

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Robert said...

If you care about usability note that tomorrow (8 Nov) is World Usability Day. See
And this year's theme is....

..Health Care!