Tuesday, November 27, 2007

A Dark Day

Leaving Sydney Airport 19 years ago at the end of a 5 month trip, I purchased an over-priced souvenir 6-pack of Australian beer.

Yesterday, confronted by a wife with no sense of nostalgia and focused solely on 'getting rid of clutter', I poured them out.

The empty cans now stare at me reproachfully as I type, tears falling gently onto the keyboard.

I do indeed 'feel like a Tooheys or two'.


Pamela said...

I assume you at least *tried* to consume the beer prior to dumping the contents of the cans and found them to be non-guzzle-able?

Otherwise, I'm pretty sure the men in lumberjackets (Canadian MIB) will be knocking on your door shortly to deport you...

Paul Madsen said...

Well, if I didn't already have some cold ones in the fridge I might have been tempted.

And in my defense, I did sniff first.

15 years ago, I would have quaffed on blind faith.