Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Coolest Thing I've Seen in Ages

A Periodic Table of Visualization Methods

I've seen the identity industry use:
Two standbys of our industry would appear to be missing:


Unknown said...

Maybe this graphic
CardSpace Dimensions (
originally posted
here on my blog )
falls into the category "radar chart"?

Paul Madsen said...

Hi Axel, not sure. The example they have of 'radar chart cobweb' ascribes meaning to the relative areas of the 'webs'. Your radar chart seems to me more a multi-dimensional 'cartesian chart' or perhaps a 'mindmap'.

I have though seen a radar chart cobweb for identity, comparing different ID systems for their 'coverage' of security, privacy, client functionality, etc. Can't remember where though ...

Unknown said...

True. I thought about the Cartesian chart too. My diagram was intended to be a multi-dimensional coordinate system in the first place. But with the lines in it it something looks like the radar chart. Never would I think of viewing this as a "mindmap". Never felt comfortable with mindmaps. They are too often used when they are not appropriate for the problem, I think.