Friday, December 31, 2010

New line of greeting cards

Be it resolved

  1. End 2011 with fewer passwords than I start it
  2. Work to bring together the ‘ZAKuMUL’ & ‘EXAKuMUL’ cliques – the madness must stop
  3. 'Center' things more on the ‘user’ (but not those in Iowa - long story, don't ask)
  4. #use #more #tags #in #my #tweets
  5. Categorize my collection of Infocards into a) those I use daily, b) those I use weekly, and c) those I never use. Delete c)
  6. Be more cynical than @weeunquietmind
  7. Explain job to wife without her eyes getting all glossy
  8. Use profanity for password if forced to create new account
  9. Don't be so tied down by palindromic best practice for acronym creation.
  10. I use a friggin' MacBook Pro. Start acting the part!
  11. Make it another year without understanding XDI

    Friday, December 10, 2010

    (Warmed-over) Consenting Lawyers

    Lawyers would love to be this involved in every identity exchange.

    Lawyer 1: My client is willing to provide first name.
    Lawyer 2: C'mon, that would be like milking the horse before the cow, my client absolutely needs email address.
    Lawyer 1: What if we threw in postal code?
    Lawyer 2: For home address? or shipping address?
    Lawyer 1: My client would be willing to give both if you got rid of the ridiculous request for their sexual preference.
    Lawyer 2: It's not ridiculous, my client needs that information before deciding whether or not to proceed with this relationship.
    Lawyer 1: C'mon, we're in a gay bar, get it from the context!
    Lawyer 2: Ok, ok, we can bend on this. But not on email address - that's a must have.
    Lawyer 1: (after whispering with client) Ok, here you go.
    Lawyer 2: What the &$%@# is this? I said we wanted an email address!
    Lawyer 1: It's a URI. It's like an email address but protects my client's privacy. Your client would go that web page and leave a message.
    Lawyer 2: Where did you learn your law? I didn't say we wanted something 'like' an email address. I said we needed 'an' email address. Jeez, go read PIPEDA before wasting our time like this (packing up papers).
    Lawyer 1: C'mon, sit down and relax. My client will provide her real address on the condition that it not be shared with anybody else and thrown away after a week (whispering with client) Oh, wait, clarification, not shared with anybody ugly.
    Lawyer 2: (after whispering with client) Would writing it on the bathroom wall be considered acceptable usage?
    Lawyer 1: (more whispering) My client says yes, but only in a small font.

    New line of greeting cards