Monday, November 05, 2007

Vulnerable Sector

As a condition for volunteering for my son's/daughter's hockey teams (Go Serpents & Team White), I have to have a police records check.
This search is intended for individuals seeking employment and/or a volunteer position with children or vulnerable person(s). Information is collected and disclosed according to section 29(1) and 32 of the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (MFIPPA) and the Police Services Act, RSO 1990,c.P.15.

Why no mention of PIPEDA? My information will be transmitted electronically from the Ottawa Police to the Mounties.

I consent to a search being made in the automated criminal records retrieval system maintained by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police to find out if I have been charged
and/or convicted of any criminal offences or convicted and granted a pardon for any of the sexual offences that are listed in the schedule of the Criminal Records Act.

As a condition for volunteering for my son's hockey team last year, I had the same check.

Is it concern for not having fresh data (and thereby missing any offences I might have been convicted of in the interim) that drives the Ottawa Police to ask again. Or simply bureaucratic inefficiency?

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Anonymous said...

One would hope that the records are destroyed at the end of the hockey coaching year to meet some sort of privacy requirements. So from that point of view, going through it again isn't 100% unreasonable. Did you ever ask what happened to the paperwork you submitted last year?