Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Jung & Trendy

Update: in a comment, Mike clarifies the address and the nature of the CardSpace integration. It's a downloadable shopping application. I'm even more interested to see how CardSpace works in a non-browser scenario but highly doubt I'd get it installed & working without translation assistance ("Ich möchte ein Bier, bitte.")

Mike Jones lists Cardspace sites, including Otto.com - a German retailer (actually it's Otto.de that is the retail site).

Wanting to try out a production deployment of Cardspace, and feeling the need to update my wardrobe before IIW 2007b, I navigated through purchasing a stylish black & white pullover (only 29.99 euros, scarf not included).

Acknowledging that my Deutsche stretches just far enough to order beer at Oktoberfest and so I may well be missing some menu option, I can find no mention of a Cardspace option on the log-in or registration pages.

Not to say there is no reference at all to Cardspace.


Anonymous said...

I've corrected the Otto link. The correct link is http://www.otto.de/vista. You can download the application there.

Robert said...

As you know I've been interested in "advanced clients" for quite many years. And at some point we (in Nokia) were thinking quite a bit about this type of "dedicated browsers", i.e. fairly small apps dedicated to a single site. So I went to see what Otto had to offer here...

The Otto "vista" page lists amongst others the following application features:
- New security system!
- Navigate by drag and drop (that sounds really interesting doesn't it?

Next block on the page explains the installation procedure which includes an instruction to accept the application security certificate. And an instruction to send email, as they continuously develop this 1.0 version. Grundlich!

The brilliant Otto marketing genius only truly showed off when under these instruction I got 3 adds that seduced me to purchase a new Vista compatible laptop from Otto! (I'm running Linux).

BTW the page has a red "Otto-Store-video" box that when clicked brings up a video in a new browser window. It demonstrated a bit of the app but unfortunately not the Cardspace part (if any).