Wednesday, November 21, 2007


I wonder if Joni cites her friendship with me in order to up her 'geeky' score, as I do for her for my own 'cool' score?

From Pat

I definitely would not have missed this except for this super important thing I had to do on my last night in Tokyo, i.e. sleep.

I do wish though that I had stuck with my recorder lessons.



Pat Patterson said...

Heh - I slept like a log all the way from Narita to San Francisco. I highly recommend clubbing through the night before an eastbound Pacific flight :-)

Joni said...

Paul - with you as my friend I think my 'geek' Level of Assurance is very high ;-). BTW, I fully support the free exchange of 'geek' and 'cool' credits between us! PS - I hear 'geek' and 'cool' are trading at par these days anyhow =). - cheers!