Monday, May 19, 2008

Worrying rumour

Word from Redmond is that, inspired by this salesmanship fiasco, in order to demonstrate their corporate loyalty Kim and Mike are working on their own music video, a duet remake of the Beatles 'Please Mister Postman'.

I been standing here waiting mister postman
So patiently
For just a card or just a letter

Disquieting as that thought may be, I find it less disturbing than the conflicting rumour that the two of them will be performing 'O SAML Mio' with Vittorio.


Anonymous said...

What worries me at a deeper level is that you somehow knew of the existance of said salesmanship fiasco in the first place.

How do you explain that?

(Or is the topic too sensitive to discuss in this self (not user) centered forum?)

Paul Madsen said...

Mike, I actually moonlight as a MSFT salesman.

I sell Passport into enterprises - admittedly its been slow lately but I expect things will pick up with the new 'MSFT is already telling others what you do, why not make it official?' marketing campaign