Saturday, May 10, 2008

Talking Points

Last week I was at a Liberty Alliance TEG meeting, talking about

- Privacy Constraints
- Reconciling OpenID PAPE & SAML AC
- Profiling WS-Trust for security token issuance within ID-WSF
- a 'multi-device' SSO use case, where a user starts watching a video on her mobile, but then transfers the security & application context to her set-top box so that she can watch the remainder in HD
- a RESTful/like binding for ID-WSF
- Orange APIs

Next week, I'll be at IIW, where I expect to talk about

- a use-case from my own family that motivates Liberty People Service
- that beer Ping owes me
- s-Cards
- identity rights agreements & privacy constraints
- data portability
- how Ping never settles invoices in a timely manner
- a multi-factor authn use case that requires OpenID PAPE & SAML AC be reconciled
- how IIW 'Closing Circle' makes me think of summer camp
- legal options for forcing Ping to honour its debts

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