Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Van der Waal

I'm hesitant to try to out geek Vittorio, because it's evident from this that he is supremely qualified in the art of over-thinking (to which I only aspire).

To model an STS as an RP-IP molecule, to bring in Kirchoff ..... I have tears in my eyes, it's just too beautiful.

I will however humbly suggest that any physical model for 'claims chaining' would benefit from an extraneous and superfluous analogy with chains of genetic information.

For all the hype DNA gets, the actual work of translating the information within DNA's recipe into a medium (proteins) that can be used directly by the cell is done by RNA.

So, DNA are the claims, RNA are the claims transformers.

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Anonymous said...

The Kirchhoff avenue is a dead end (but elegantly deployed, much like Aldwych in a game of Mornington Crescent).

After all, the classic "Claims Transformation" is surely input:credential, output:mass of attributes.

That said, the 'molecular' model clearly has its benefits for explaining Circles of Trust. Benzine-like, they have an inner ring of consistent atoms (one IDP and multiple RPs), but off each RP there is likely to hang an atom of IDP...