Sunday, May 18, 2008

Sensitivity Training

I think it was the psychology course I took in 1st year (or maybe its because I'm an Ottawa Senators fan) but, for some reason, I am particularly attuned to the suffering and frustration of others.

That's why I'm able to read between the lines of Andy's post on Infocards and see what most people, oblivious to the subtle signals the post sends, would miss.

On the surface, Andy's post is an amusing romp of a story about an experience he had with Infocards, specifically logging in to leave a comment on Kim's blog. All seems well. Dig a little deeper however, go beyond the surface hunky-doriness, and there are tell-tale signs that the experience might not have been optimal for Andy.

For an emotionally aware person like myself, certain phrases act like signposts for Andy's, otherwise hidden, true frame of mind. Phrases like

- Infocard Hell
- frustrated anxiety
- I have now been trying to write .... about this damn post for 3 hours

are indicators that many just don't (or won't) see. You shouldn't feel bad if you missed them. I am, as I said, very sensitive.

Someone less sensitive than I, someone more inclined to go for a laugh at the expense of another, might say to Andy
'Hey man, stop your whining and suck it up. You've just come across the joy of tri-party communication interoperability.'

It's a curse being this tuned into the suffering of others. Weddings for example, make me cry every time.


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