Sunday, May 18, 2008

Relationship Therapy

Therapist: So, SP, why don't you get us started and tell me why you and User are here today?
SP: Well, I just think that User and I are drifting apart. The relationship was great at the beginning. I mean, User even had a password with me. And I stored all his attributes. We were really close.
Therapist: And that has changed?
SP: yes, ever since he has been hanging around with his new federated friends, things are different.
Therapist: How so?
SP: Well, for one thing, we never spend any, you know, err .... 'quality time' alone.
Therapist: Quality time?
SP: (blushing) yes, he uh, he always insists now that one of his IDP friends join us.
Therapist: And how does that make you feel?
SP: Well, let's just say that my Mother didn't raise me that way.
Therapist: OK, I see. User, why don't you tell me your view point.
User: Well, I don't see what the big deal is. Sure I'm bringing some IDPs home, but I'm just trying to spice up the relationship - the password thing was getting tiresome.
Therapist: And you think adding IDPs to the relationship will help?
User: Yeah, and I mean, it's not like I'm bringing home some Passport or anything. These IDPs are all right.
Therapist: SP, is the issue that you don't know anything about these IDPs?
SP: Definitely. User will have a few beers after work and then just show up with some IDP and, with only a very brief introduction, expect me to 'party', as he puts it. And then he says he wants to watch because he doesn't trust us!
Therapist:Just to clarify, by 'party' do you mean engage in the transfer of identity assertions?
SP: Well yes, but you don't have to be so blunt about it.
Therapist: Sorry about that. Would it help you if you knew more about these IDPs that User was introducing you to?
SP: Yes I think so.
Therapist: OK, I think we're getting somewhere. User, would you be OK with if SP got this info about your IDP friends?
User: Sure, just so long as I still get, you know, serviced ....
SP: And a bottle of wine wouldn't hurt either. Maybe some flowers once in a while. An SP likes to feel appreciated after all.
Therapist: User...?
User: (sighing) Sure, wine & flowers sounds fair. Hey, can we talk about her Mother-in-Law always coming over?
Therapist: Let's save that for the next session. SP, are you in agreement that User can involve IDPs if you are able to find out more about them?
SP: Yes, but fair is fair right. Maybe I might want to party with an IDP User introduces me to without User even being at home
User: No way, nope, I'm not ready for that. I need to be present.
Therapist: Why don't we work up to that. Baby steps right?

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