Thursday, May 15, 2008

Jack of all trades, master of most

If I didn't know I wouldn't see him for another month and a half, I'd hesitate to gush over George like a lovesick teenager but ..

There is nobody I know in identity that has a better grasp of ALL the various systems in play.

Whether SAML, OpenID, ID-WSF, XRI, Infocards, OAuth, XRDS, OpenSocial, FOAF, XFN, etc, I'd venture that George has 90% of all of them (and 100% of most of them).

I think I might have George on XDI (but only because I attended Markus's session this afternoon and he didn't). Take that Mister Smarty Pants.

In addition to George's unparalled expertise in identity is his unmatched friendliness & easy going nature. Never will you hear a negative word from him.

I am actually quite proud of myself for not letting such clear character flaws interfere with our friendship.

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