Friday, May 30, 2008


T-Systems treats their contractors better than Ping, as I've been doing some troubleshooting work for Axel on the Firefox openInfocard Identity Selector.

Axel, your questions answered below


p.s. invoice to follow

- which version of the Firefox extension are you using? ;-)

- Please tell how this behaviour can be reproduced

My experience

1) Enter household spending data into a spreadsheet on Google Docs.
2) Data should indicate excessive purchases of perennial flowers and 'oh those are so cute' summer sandals.
3) Print page.
4) Wave page in wife's face.
5) Apply ice pack to (page waving) bruised arm.
6) Listen patiently to tenuous counter-arguments.
7) Defend purchase of computing equipment as a legitimate business expense and in no way comparable to sandals/flowers.
8) Sensing the tide of battle turning, perform tactical retreat.

- Next time please use "DOM Inspector" from the "tools" menu to find the object in the DOM. It was probably generated by javascript.


Unknown said...

Paul, I couldn't reproduce the object of type application/x-informationcard in Google doc's spreadsheet although I followed the procedure step by step. Well, we left out the bruises part. Maybe we'll try again and really stick to the book...

You showed the Error Console instead of DOM Inspector (that is because of the Paul in you not the Canadian in you). Does the Error Console show the number of objects found? Does it say "processICardItems. Found 1 ICard object(s) on ...".
Anyway "Components" not defined is a bad message. Which line of it is? Does the Error Console show that?

Actually I did not follow your receipt at the very first step. I entered Data about you and Barack Obama to produce another document that mentions both you and him. Enjoy. Axel

Paul Madsen said...

Hi Axel, now I can't reproduce the problem. :-(

FYI, I'm using Firefox3beta, but I'm not sure if I wasn't still on 2 when I saw the problems ...