Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Strange Loops

I wanted to try out Highrise - an online contacts manager.

In creating my account, I was given the choice of using an OpenID rather than provide a password. Great! I provided my ProtectNetwork.org OpenID.

After the account was created, I was asked to sign-in.

Saw the normal OpenID screens and redirects etc.

The login failed.

Current situation:
  • I can't use the ProtectNetwork.org OpenID to access Highrise because of above error
  • I can't use another OpenID because Highrise has a record only of the ProtectNetwork one and so refuses to accept another.
  • I can't get in 'locally' because I set up no password at registration time
My huge network of contacts, aching for management, languishes.

1 comment:

DHH said...

Hi Paul. We've now added an outlet for people with OpenID problems to get a regular password. See the new Problems? link on the OpenID signin screen.