Tuesday, March 06, 2007


Received the following e-mail

1-1 Hinodai 3-chome,
Tokyo 191-8660.


I wish to intimate you with a request that would be of immense Benefit to you. I am Mr Shoji Kondo, Representative Director, President and Board Member of Hino Motors. Hino Motors was Founded 1910 and Established May 1, 1942.
The purpose of my contacting you is because you live outside Japan. The reason I seek your assistance is that American and Canadian cheques take a long time to clear here in Japan, thereby holding business down for my associates and me.
We would be glad to have you as one of our esteemed Representative in your location and be rest assured that adequate pecuniary and lucrative compensations will be given and other benefits follows.
My regards to your family and associate.

Shoji Kondo
The President of Hino Motors

Someone with less knowledge of Japanese business customs might have been taken in by this.

But, in my experience, every message sent to me by a Japanese colleague has a postscript of 'Paul-san, I'm still laughing at your pronounciation of "Ohayo Gozaimasu"'. Not seeing it here was the giveaway.

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Robin Wilton said...

I used to have a Shoji Kondo... but the noise from the neighbours got to be too much for me.