Wednesday, March 21, 2007

I never forget a ...

Of Passfaces, Paul Toal writes
It is common knowledge that the brain can remember images better than anything else.

For myself, better than my ability to remember faces is my ability to remember ways in which I've been slighted - I never forget an insult.

Give me a login system that prompts me to choose particular past snubs from a broad list and I'll never call the Help Desk again. The only difficulty would be in choosing my 'challenge slights' - there are just too many choices, a representative sampling of which is
  • Kindergarten - Eli made fun of my toque.
  • Grade 8 - Keenan mocked my choice of favourite Kiss song.
  • University - Weird Julie claimed I had no physics bona fides in questioning her 'faster than light theory'.
  • Career - Conor (as a category).


Paul Toal said...

and your favourite Kiss song in Grade 8 was?

Paul Madsen said...

Out on the street for a living
Picture's only begun
Got you under their thumb

Hit it !!!

Paul Toal said...

Black Diamond...

not my personal favourite but a good choice.