Sunday, March 04, 2007

Homo Sapiens Federatesis

Ping ID's Andre Durand has posted a screencast portraying the parallel development of human kind and the tools we've created to assist in dealing with everything 'Nature, red in tooth and claw' has thrown at us.

Post It notes are the latest tool in the series; the corresponding branch in the human family tree is Homo Sapiens Passwordensis.

I do love an evolutionary analogy. I can just see Charles Darwin sitting at his deck muttering to himself trying to authenticate to his publisher's web site.
OK, let's see, is it 'b e a g l e'? Nope, damn it!
Let's try 's e l e c t i o n'. Bloody Hell! Oops sorry Emma .
I have to get in, Wallace is about to publish my ideas!
K, one more try, how about 'g a l a p a g o s'?
I'm in, why the *@#&^#*@ did I pick something that long?.

Evolutionary pressure must be driving us towards Homo Sapiens Federatesis. The downside would appear to be that this species, freed of the requirement to remember countless passwords, will surely be characterized by decreased intellectual capacity.

Hang in there George Dubya! Things could turn around in your popularity numbers.

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