Monday, March 05, 2007

Social Engineering

Somehow the password-protected parental-control feature on our PlayStation was enabled. As we use the console as a DVD player, everytime we want to watch a video that isn't Sponge Bob, we have to log-in.

No problem when I'm home, it's a relatively intuitive interface for character entry. Big problem for my wife when I'm travelling (she is squarely down in the 'Luddite' sector of technological aptitude).

Simple solution, she asks my 10 year old to authenticate for her. She even woke him once for this 'approval' process. He is of course under strict instructions as to not use his knowledge of the password for inappropriate purposes.

In a federated household, there would be no need for a separate credential for the PlayStation. Instead, family members would authenticate to the home gateway IDP, and from there, be able to access all the connected relying party services.

In such a house, my wife would only have to get my son to log-in for her TO THE GATEWAY. Simpler for everybody (and more sleep for my son).

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