Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Money Markets

O'Reilly's Kevin Farham throws some water on the OpenID rave.

To Kevin's friends' initial objection
"I'd never want to use that! What if your password is stolen?"
I'd suggest that she consider the security advantages of banks vs mattresses for her money (assuming she banks somewhere other than a payday cheque-cashing outfit)

Kevin continues
So, a currency that is useless in most stores was given to 100 Million Web users, most of whom have no awareness that they now hold this new not-very-useful currency.

Of course, if you buy one currency at the right time, it can turn out to your advantage. Invest now for arbitrage later.

And some of those 100 Million users are only too aware of the gift that AOL gave them.

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George Fletcher said...

As I commented on the dev.aol.com blog entry. The complaint isn't really about OpenID but rather about the "dangers" of Single-Sign-On.