Friday, March 23, 2007

Science is Truly Amazing

Scientists Discover New password in Alaskan Ice

JUNEAU, AK - Alaskan computer scientists are today reporting tentative evidence that they have discovered a new password - extending the number of known unique passwords to 47.

Dr. Peter Lyndstrom and his team of computer scientists at Alaska Tech University have been looking for the so-called 'X password' for 3 years now, using millions of dollars of expensive computer equipment. 'It's been a really long slog', said Dr Lyndstrom 'Sometimes I've even questioned whether the thing actually existed.'

In the end, it wasn't through expensive computers that the new password was discovered. Instead it was good ol' fashioned luck. “We were at a team party and somebody came up with the idea of just sticking existing passwords together, specifically 'm y' onto the end of 'm o m'. And well, after that it just kinda all came together” said team member Gail Svenson. “The frozen daiquiris definitely helped” she added.

Dr Lyndstrom's team is not stopping here. They plan on moving onto variations of the 'first car' theme, historically a rich ground for new passwords but relatively untapped since the car makers trend towards silly names.

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