Wednesday, December 20, 2006


Eve challenges, I respond:
  1. I was born in the former USSR. My father was stationed in Moscow for the Canadian military (he was the short one). He tells great stories about our car being followed, our apartment being bugged, and of plain-clothed KGB agents sweating in the hot sun while watching our family swim in the Volga.
  2. I'm just now learning to play hockey. Embarassing for a Canadian but a vagabond childhood (see #1 above) does not always lend itself to sports careers.
  3. I like long walks on the beach (as long as there is some sort of cabana selling cerveza at the end)
  4. The opinions of my Japanese colleagues notwithstanding, I think I say 'Ohayo gozaimasu!' pretty damn perfectly.
  5. In Grade 5 I desparately wanted a nickname. I started referring to myself as 'Mudman'. This identifier has proven completely impervious to adoption as a global pseudonym amongst my friends.
Robin, Hubert, Peter, Andre, Carolina (oh wait I forgot, she doesn't blog), my apologies.

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Anonymous said...

Bravo, Mudman!