Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Here boy

I don't yet know everything that it is doing, but Sxipper is definitely cool and slick.

From what I see, I'd describe it as a client-side OpenID persona manager, simplifying for users the choice and use of different personnas at different sites. Sxipper also stores profile data, and form fills as appropriate. There are hints that it does some cool 'semantic maps' for forms, somehow my actions on a form (but not data?) are recorded and aggregated for good of commmunity?

Kind of similar to the Cardspace model. A request from an SP for an OpenID wakes up Sxipper, which then prompts user to choose an appropriate persona. Blurs the supposed distinction between card-based and URI-based identity.

I'm confused by the OpenID demo though.How did Sxip determine that my wife calls me "joesixpack"? Is appending 'et' designed to inhibit correlation?


Anonymous said...

The joesixpack(et) is purely coincidental, it happens to be a favourite test username of mine. It was taken up by a fellow developer at Sxip. The username at the top left gives credit to the Sxipper community member that created the semantic map for the form you were looking at, 'training' Sxipper to understand the form if you will. Sxipper users can create maps, and get credit for them, for forms whenever they get a "Do you want to map this form?" prompt. Only the description of the form is sent to the sxipper server, none of your personal data is sent.

Paul Madsen said...

Thanks Weston, what exactly is Sxipper learning about how to fill in the forms? Which bits of data goes where?

Im looking forward to my first ability to create a map. I've been prompted a couple of times but the forms didn't inspire me