Saturday, December 23, 2006

Nothing fishy in Denmark

Hubert shows a table comparing SAML and WS-Federation, the analysis performed by the Danish government.

James McGovern feels that the analysis is flawed, somehow suggesting that the Danes are either stupid or biased (or maybe both).

Maybe, those Danish folk need to talk to us Americans and learn something
What a novel phenomenon, an American who feels that the world simply needs to pay closer attention.

To claim that the US is the only place that understands either identity or enterprise use cases and requirements is neither 'thoughtful' nor 'leadership'.

P.S. And yes, SAML success is indeed limited to outside the US.
  1. Edu-Tech
  2. Bitpac
  3. GM
  4. HP
  5. Intel
  6. Sun
  7. Neustar
  8. Star Alliance
  9. AOL

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Anonymous said...

Yes, as far as I can tell, all the identity people come from .ca