Wednesday, December 06, 2006


Lots of very smart identity people subtlely diminish their blogging as 'My X on identity', where X is some noun denoting esoterica or inconsequentiality etc

A short list:

Roger Sullivan - musing and meanderings
Ben Laurie - blatherings
Robin Wilton - esoterica
Andre Durand - ramblings
Conor Cahill - musings
Ludovic Poitou - sketches
Julian Bond - a pointer to nothing

Me, I'm searching for a noun for 'semi-authoritative pontification'.

'Pompousity' comes close but doesn't quite capture the essential sense of deep insecurity.


Julian Bond said...

Bad hair day? ;-)

Anonymous said...

Polemic? No, I guess that should really be Conor's tagline....

Pat Patterson said...

Of course, I swung the opposite way, with Superpatterns :-)

cuirthe said...

"Muted trumpetings"?