Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Is this a script - #2

In a comment to a post from Conor, James McGovern writes:
Curious if Liberty has decided to keep in (sic) simple strictly in the short-term or have decided to avoid tackling any of the issues surrounding the business scenarios and deferred it to the indefinite future...
"Mildly obscene acronym starting with 'W' expressing complete bafflement"?

James should know that if any one thing distinguishes the Liberty Alliance, it's that we, far more than other identity architectures, have acknowledged the critical importance of the business (and policy) issues - and created corresponding guidance output. Indeed, we are often pigeonholed into enterprise relevance only as a result.


James McGovern said...

So if the Liberty Alliance is truly enterprise relevant, then how come there is at least a ten to one ratio of software vendors to enterprises whose primary business model isn't technology?

Could you describe in your next blog entry if you were an Enterprise Architect who was employed by a large enterprise whose primary business model isn't technology, why you would shell out monies to join Project Liberty?

Conor P. Cahill said...

A) You're wrong :-)

B) there's not a ten to one ratio, it's much lower than that (but still higher than 1:1). But even if it was, the fact that there are any end-users of the protocols (the businesses) involved in defining the requirements is fairly unique in the standards industry.

C) The vendors from ISPs, Telcos, Banks, etc. are all non-technology business modeled companies who have joined and participated to ensure that their use cases were included as the basis for the requirements that led to the protocols developed by Liberty.

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