Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Identity-based Greeting Cards

  • This might be the only non-spam you get today.
  • Sorry to hear about your ID theft.
  • Congrats on your new persona!
  • Don't think of it as getting phished, but rather a chance to start your life over with a clean slate.
  • You can scan this card in order to install me into Cardspace.
and bumper stickers
  • If it ain't user-centric, it's crap!
  • How's my driving? (you probably wish my URI was here for complaints right?)
  • If you can read this, you can read my blog.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Bumper stickers:

"Single logout and drive!"

"My child has 1000+ links"


"In the event of revocation this car will be unmanned"

"I brake for CAPTCHAs"

"Not perfect, just provisioned"

"I love my SP but I fear my IdP"

"I'd rather be federating"

"My other car uses a richer schema"

"My boss is a
from BC
where they'll hold the Olympics
in Gastown
who's male
42-years old
which means he's over 25
and under 65
who went to UBC
and is a CEO
and founder
and bartender
and belongs to the Vancouver Entrepreneur Forum
and is a blogger at
who banks at HSBC
and flys Air Canada
and is a Star Alliance Gold member
who likes Macs"

(this last one is valid for SXIP employees only)

Mark Wahl