Thursday, December 21, 2006

A modest proposal

A colleague (who shall remain nameless), complained to another about the lack of a link from the second's blog to that of the first (while there was a link to mine). Childish and immature yes but it does point to an issue.

The second colleague's defense was tardiness in updating his blog roll (tactfully dodging the far more likely reason of preferring to be associated with erudite insight rather than gadgetry).

Blog roll management is a serious problem. Many rolls lie static and out of date, their owners unable to keep them current and fresh.

I propose the following: I will maintain and manage a shared roll here on this blog. My colleagues, instead of taking on the burden of social identity management themselves, can outsource this responsibility to me and merely link to my blog with a 'Click here for my Blog Roll'. If and when they wanted me to add a new entry to the list they need only shoot me a mail. After suitable vetting of riff-raff I would make the edit. Easy for all.

If I had any coding ability at all, I could even support an API.

1 comment:

Pat Patterson said...

I just outsourced the whole thing (as far as identity is concerned) to Planet Identity :-)