Thursday, September 04, 2008

I see Corbin Benson as Lawyer1

Lawyer1: Good morning ladies, please have a seat.
Lawyer2: Thank you. Can we get to the point, I have a tee time in 50 minutes..
Lawyer1: Of course, I'm playing later as well. My client is interested in exploring the possibility of adding your client to his Plaxo Contacts. At this point we are just considering our options of course.....
Lawyer2: (sighs) Oh, so that's it...
Lawyer1: Pardon me? My client is a 'Big Name' in identity. I would have thought it would be quite a coup for your client to be added ...
Lawyer2: Well, my client gets quite alot of these sorts of invites. And many are, well let's just say, a little bit self-serving.
Client1: Self-serving! What's that supposed to mean? I don't host my own blog, I use .....
Lawyer1: (whispering to his client) Please! I'll do the talking .... (too other lawyer) Self-serving?
Lawyer2: Look, I'm sure your client is reasonably popular but let's be honest - mine is in a different league. I can show you her blog's numbers if you want. And so the value of any social connection would be highly skewed towards your client. Bottom line, what's in it for us?
Lawyer1: Skewed! You have got to be kidding. My client is very hooked-in, I mean, he even has an iName..
Lawyer2: And that impresses me how? That and 4 bucks will get me a Starbucks.
Client1: (indignantly) I'll have you know that iNames are built on XRI and are the future ...
Lawyer1: (under his breath to client) PLEASE!
Lawyer1: Forget the iName thing. But my client does twit - that has to be worth something.
Lawyer2: Do you mean tweets? Big deal, my garbageman tweets.
Lawyer1: OK, OK, lets take the tweeting thing off the table and talk numbers. I am authorized to offer the following - if your client accepts the invitation to connect, my client will link to 10 of your client's blog posts over the next 6 months.
Lawyer2: 20 posts.
Lawyer1: I can only go up to 15.
Lawyer2: (to client) OK, we're out of here, I think I can still make my tee time.
Lawyer1: OK, OK, 20 posts.
Lawyer2: And the link test has to be positive & approving. We'd want to see things like 'rare insight' or 'a wonderful wrap-up' etc.
Lawyer1: Sure sure, we'll have the associates work out a list of approved phrases later. But of course my client will want to maintain his 'blogging integrity'.
(all laugh)
Lawyer1: (still chuckling) So, are we getting close to a deal here?
Lawyer2: Yeah, send the draft invite over and we'll look it over and send back our changes.
Lawyer1: Perfect. You know, coincidentally I think you represent a Facebook friend of another client of mine that is trying to end their relationship.
Lawyer2: Could be. Those are always messy drawn out affairs - (under her breath to other lawyer) Lots of billables.
(both smile)

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