Friday, September 05, 2008

First things first

In a comment, Axel asks how I will deal with claim conversion - his claim in metric, my policy expressed in Imperial.

I have an assertion from my government IdP that says that I am over 1,8 meters tall. Does the Concordia RP accept claims in meters per se or do you have an RP-STS that converts meter-claims to inch-claims. I fear that my assertion gets rejected.


Axel, before we deal with prosaic matters such as 'units', we must confront the unfortunate reality of the  'assurance hurdle'. Gerry's recent posts gives me little reason to ascribe much assurance to a German IdP's assertions these days.

Might you be able to obtain a height claim from a Canadian IdP? They are generally accepted everywhere in the world (although admittedly they have been weakening lately against US height claims)

Or, if all else fails, simply self-assert?

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