Sunday, September 14, 2008

Had me in stitches

I cut the lawn yesterday wearing flip flops.

My wife gave me a hard time over it, citing the danger.

I explained that sometimes the actual security measures (e.g. steel-toed boots etc) applied were less important than understanding the risk profile created by whatever measures are in place, and then acting accordingly (e.g. keeping my feet well back, always pushing and never pulling, putting my drink down when starting the engine etc).

She was unconvinced but - let's be honest, she's not the security expert in the family right?

The emergency room doctor on the other hand seemed far more impressed with the principle.

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Bob said...

The depressing thing about risk is that the probability is always 1.0 after the event happens, at which point explaining the prior tradeoffs is just unconvincing....

Heal fast.