Thursday, September 25, 2008

Complaints Department

Update: crossed some items off

As I go about my day, I often see things that make me think 'I should complain about that to someone'. Subsequently, with a decreased ire level, I almost always forget about the issue and never actually send the complaint.

But how can people improve if they don't know how they are disappointing me?

In hindsight, perhaps I should not have been surprised that maintaining a list on the fridge for the 'household' category of complaints was not strategic. So why can I not track my complaints online? Existing services are too geared towards consumers, but the things that irritate me cover all aspects of life.

Until such time as there is an online service, here is the first cut at a list by which I will track my undelivered complaints.
  1. the kid who is delivering the weekly community newspaper is leaving the plastic bundle ties on the street
  2. lackadaisical 'clicking' from readers of this blog has ensured that my Adsense revenue has yet to make a trip south possible.
  3. I have to walk through clouds of employee smoke to get into the local grocery store.
  4. nobody passes to me when I play hockey. How can I reach my goal-scoring potential without the puck?
  5. the drive through at the Tim Horton's is covered in litter
As the above complaints are delivered, I will cross them off the list (I guess I can already delete #2 ...).

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