Wednesday, April 16, 2008


In a comment to a post of mine, a Dutchman living in Finland clarifies Swedish visa requirements for Canadians, these obtained from the Danish government, said clarification expressed in terms of (overly complicated) RP policies.
1) Sweden does trust the Canadian authorities if you're only visiting as a tourist, i.e. only access certain resources: the bars, restuarants, etc. And not come to impose your thought provoking ideas on those super efficient Swedes-at-work; think about the danger if they might loose their concentration for a while.

2) Sweden does not trust all assertions issued by Canada: those ugly brown Canadian Certificates of Identity are not good for anything as far as Sweden is concerned. Whereas Sweden is willing (as it has some agreement with partners in the Schengen zone that is has accepted as IDP Proxies) to treat the blue Canadian Travel Document as a token with which you can apply for a Swedish visa. And a real Canadian passport is good for tourist activities.

Even XACML would be challenged.

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