Thursday, April 17, 2008

Asocial Business Travel

I'm trying out TripIt for travel management.

The possible switch from the incumbent Dopplr is motivated by some actual functionality accidentally sneaking through TripIt's 'Web 2.0 Criteria Review' process, i.e. the value I derive from the application is more than mere curiosity as to which of my colleagues is visiting Topeka or other exotic locales.

TripIt does of course allow me to invite connections to create accounts so that I can see how our schedules mesh. They will of course want to leverage the same 'social trap' that Dopplr rides, i.e. get 1, have them invite 5, repeat. But TripIt's distinguishing feature is its ability to auto-add trips from booked itineraries - rather than doing it by hand you forward your booking confirmation emails to TripIt and they parse out the bits you need.

The fact that TripIt's real value (to me) is in no way dependent on my 'social graph' (maintained there or elsehwere) is why I have decided to keep TripIt 'asocial' - I will neither send invites nor, should I receive any, will I accept them.

As I know this may be difficult for people to comprehend, I will repeat.

I will neither send TripIt invites nor, should I receive any, will I accept them.

I'm sorry it had to come to this.

I may not even say hello if I see you in the airport lounge.

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