Monday, April 21, 2008

I am being suppressed

'Big Identity', threatened by my SCIENTIFIC research into user-centric identity because it exposes the fabric of amoral lies on which it is built, is suppressing me.

The evidence for this suppression is clear - embarassingly low blog readership, minimal speaking invitations, and an overall lack of interest all point to an organized and efficient program designed to prevent my ground-breaking ideas from reaching a wider audience.

While user-centric identity proponents argue that HTTP URIs are a desirable and appropriate identifier format for the Web, my extensive research (a bit of book-reading down at the library and lots of Googling) has determined that HTTP is an acronym for 'Hell - Time To Party' and, as such, should play no part in a family-oriented Internet & Web.

Big ID wants your kids typing this over and over every time they want to log-in to some site. Think about the long term consequences of that.

What's more, Big ID is actively suppressing further research into many other Devil-based acronyms on which Big ID builds.

For instance, initital evidence points to the first 3 letters of 'SAML' as representing 'Satan - A Major'. While I am hoping to be able to finish off the research and determine the meaning of the final letter 'L', I fear that Big ID's program of harassment will succeed before such time. I am tantalizingly close to a break-through - I have determined that the 'L' word has 5 letters and starts with 'L O V E _' but the final piece has so far eluded my team's investigations.

Let's not let Big ID suppress true SCIENTIFIC research.

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