Wednesday, October 17, 2007

More Infocard Permutations

Pam's jubilation (trust me when I say that we Canadians are not typically this happy - about anything other than hockey) inspired me to reinstall Infocard functionality into Firefox and not rely on IE7 for experiments.

I had previously attempted to make sense of the various permutations of card stores, card selectors, and selector selectors before so was interested to see how things were now.

So I followed Pam's links to IgnisVulpis to get the IdentitySelector
and openinfocard extensions.

Things are far more stable and smooth (and still very cool) than when I last played but nevertheless some oddities.

1) While both extensions show in my Firefox 'Add-ons' window

I don't see OpenInfocard in 'Tools -> Options'? Is the duplication of functionality on this screen related to this?

2) I verified that both selectors worked (the page was customized appropriate to the prefs stored in the card) against the demo managed card SP (get your card here) but did see the following with the openinfocard selector:

3) Cardspace and the openoinfocard selector use slightly different terminology, e.g. 'Use this Card' vs Cardspace's 'Send'. Is this intentional?

4) I'm sure this reflects my lack of understanding as to how the crypto works but it surprised me that I had to install the managed card twice, once for Cardspace and once for openinfocard. I had imagined that both selectors would work from the same card store?

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