Friday, October 26, 2007

Cover your Butts

In combination with prescribing where people can't smoke outside, Tokyo is prescribing where they can.

<aside>Seeing the obvious camarederie of smokers huddled around a smoking station makes me think I should pick up the habit - I bet you make some good friends standing around in the rain. Maybe there is a market for a social network specifically for smokers? Key would be that the social network of 'Smoke Buddies' you establish would be portable across to the 'Lung Cancer Network.'</aside>

The fact that anti-smoking policies aren't consistent across different city wards creates problems.
The crackdown also has caused a problem for neighboring Bunkyo Ward as now smokers walk on the Bunkyo side of the boundary line so they can light up. They then leave their butts behind.

Perhaps a lesson here for various global governments defining assurance levels for e-authentication. Define them to be compatible, or be ready to deal with the resultant trash.

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