Thursday, October 18, 2007

HP to launch Gwen Stefani Camera at Liberty Alliance Event

This reporter has been told that Gwen Stefani may speak at next week's opening plenary for the Liberty Alliance Tokyo meeting - this part of the launch of HP's Stefani-designed "Harajuku Lovers" camera.

If not Gwen speaking for HP it will be Jason Rouault. Tough call.

Rumour has it that, should the camera sell well, the next stage in the partnership will be a Gwen-branded version of Select Federation.


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jrouault said...

What's important about this new camera is that it implements the Liberty Alliance Advanced Client protocol. Camera users can be strongly authenticated to the device which unlocks the trusted module store housing personal identity assertions that are used for seamless access to federated services. One such networked service is the photo finishing and sharing service. The next version of the camera will implement facial recognition technologies to aid in the auto cataloging of photos. Of course, this will all be done in a secure and privacy friendly manner.