Saturday, October 27, 2007

Seven Laws of Beer

An automated beer tap in the ANA lounge at Narita.

Is this user-centric beer dispensing?

The beer is flowing but I'm not actively mediating that flow...

But I did initiate the flow.

And I have a 'STOP' button to curtail it should I wish.

Requires more study.

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Robert said...

It's getting there. Long ago the brewing department of the biotech institute where I worked did seminal research on the continuous production of beer (as opposed to the classic batch style fermentation).
Every year we would have a nice lab party, with some theme that would inspire some humorous creativity. Once we had a "night of the sciences", with posters, presentations etc. reporting on faked research, as on a scientific congress.
The brewing department was awarded a price for the most promising "research": a live demonstration of the continuous consumption of beer. It's a challenging problem, I mean of you think about it...