Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Product Placement

I haven't been able to get into the Beta to play around, but Vidoop is an OpenID provider that authenticates users with one of those picture grids.

The interesting twist is where the (or at least some of the) pictures for the grid come from. Vidoop allows sponsors to buy grid spots for their pics. I guess the hope is that advertisers will pay for product placement to get in front of user 'eyeballs' during the login process.

  • During the act of logging in, I personally often find myself thinking "I have disposable income, why can I not think of things to purchase?". So this is perfect for me.
  • Advertisers could pay MITM phishers for picture placement as well. That way, the user would be guaranteed a consistent visual experience and not be unsettled by unfamiliar photos.
  • As big advertisers push out smaller companies for the ' real estate', the 3x4 grid will evetually consist of 7 car models, 4 cans of pop, and a Viagra pill. Maybe Volvo and Sprite will enter into a deal whereby their pics always get displayed together? Or maybe Ford pays for 4 grid spots?
  • Vidoop can up-sell a social network to its users, e.g. 'You've chosen the same pics as these other users, would you like to add them to your Login Buddys?'
  • I wonder what they'd charge me for placing my headshot. My marketing people are always telling me I've got almost no brand recognition amongst 15-24 year olds.


Anonymous said...

Paul, we (Vidoop) got a kick out of your post. We'd also get a kick out of putting your headshot in the image grid just for grins. Would you mind? (Send me some email and I'll get you a beta invite code.)

CTO, Vidoop

Anonymous said...

frankly, as end user, I do not mind seeing branded pics in the vidoop grid. What difference does it make if I have a unbranded car or a branded car in the grid. If branding pays for the cost of the vidoop service without compromising the security that this technology provides, then all the better. Google shall thrive so long as their ads do not influence the quality of their basic service that is search results, same goes with Vidoop.