Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Liberty Alliance Technology List

As part of the Liberty Alliance's commitment to openness, transparency and yada yada yada, the Technology Expert Group (TEG) mail list is henceforth readable by non-members.

The archive of past messages is not being opened, the decision was made that we could not justify the expense and effort of scouring out the many occurrences of:
  • references to questionable parentage of other contributors
  • variations on 'WTF was BMEG thinking?'
  • plans for global domination of the IDM market
  • tongue-in-cheek proposals for as yet unseen WS-* specs (e.g. WS-NeedsHeavyProfilingForAnyChanceOfInteroperability)
  • 'You're talking about the %$#*^&@! Attribute Broker!'
  • the phrase 'A) - you're wrong, B) - ....'
The first topic under discussion is the definition of 'privacy event types' to be used within the Reporting Service (spec currently not released). The use case is a centralized Citizen Dashboard to which particular events (e.g. the release of attributes, federation establishment, SSO, etc) could be sent by the various government agencies that a citizen might interact with - and so provide the citizen easy 'privacy transparency' into such dealings.

Wonderfully panoptical. And yet powerfully user-centric.

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