Monday, May 07, 2007

Dear Sun Microsystems

Hubert Le Van Gong
Sun Micro

Dear Mr Le Van Gong.

It has recently come to my attention that Sun Microsystems is planning on becoming an OpenID provider. As a fervent collector of all things OpenID, I am writing to enquire how I might obtain such a URI.

I have one from every other OpenID Provider (even one from AOL, long story). My collection will not be complete until I have one in the prestigious * domain.

I understand from various blog posts that the OpenIDs will be 'reserved' for Sun's employees. Of course its important to be strict about such things, I was just telling my wife the other day about how our Country Club has gone downhill ever since they expanded the membership to allow provisioning people in. But, as we are both men of the world, I'm sure we can recognize that such rules needn't get in the way of reasonable people. As a small token of my appreciation for your prompt attention to this matter, please find enclosed $5 Ca.

In order of preference, here are my desired URIs.


Yours Federatedly

Paul Madsen


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That's handy, because I have already reserved