Sunday, May 06, 2007

More IDM for Indoor Rowing

Interesting identity scenario in the context of indoor rowing this morning.

The monitor/console attached to the rower has two profiles on it, one for myself and one for my son. When you start rowing it allows you to select into which profile the data should be saved. So far so good.

Now the rowing software on the laptop I have attached to the monitor has only a single profile- that for me. When my son uses the program he uses a guest account for which the data doesn't get saved.

This morning, about halfway through my row, in trying to change the monitor display, I inadvertently hit the button that selected my son's profile. Unable to reconcile this switch to the fact that it was storing the row data against my profile, the software, rather than displaying my boat slicing quickly & effortlessly through the water, subsequently displayed me furiously churning water in place for the rest of the 40 minutes. It was as if I was in one of those infinite swim pools, built wide enough across for the oars.

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